Diagnostics Centre

Our Diagnostics Centre

For patient with difficult-to-diagnose illnesses, the team at the Ranjit Hospital coordinates consultations with subspecialties, evaluates subspecialists’ findings and facilitates communication of any recommendations to you and your patient's referring physician. Managing complex chronic medical conditions. Patient with complex chronic medical conditions receive ongoing support from our physicians. Our doctors and nurses will work closely with outpatient and inpatient physicians and specialists to coordinate medical care and ease your patient's transition from the Hospital to the outpatient setting.

If your patient has complex medical needs, effective communication is essential to his care. After each visit, a detailed letter is generated and provided to you, your patient's primary care physician and any consulting specialists. This letter serves as a concise medical summary of your patient’s medical condition and current management strategies. It also includes a list of all specialists involved in your patient’s care. Our physicians are supported by a nurse coordinator who provides an easily accessible resource for you, your patient and referring physicians.

At our Diagnostics Centre
  • Provide support and consultation to primary care providers regarding your patient's unique care needs.
  • Support the establishment of a medical home
  • Are dedicated to improving the flow of information about your patient's condition.
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