IPD Clinic

Our IPD Clinics

Ranjit Hospital aims to provide unparallel service to the people by delivering the highest possible level of care. For this, huge investment has been made on equipment and technology. We have successfully recruited consultants from quality hospitals from India. Ranjit Hospital physicians having impeccable reputation, forming high level of the medical team. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services, for which we have trained over a hundred nurses for more than a year. We have nurses, educators from well know nursing institution. Nurses and technicians have already received training from our traning staff and it continues to be and on-going process. Medical services will be provided as both outpatient and inpatient services as well as an Ambulance service.


What we provide at IPD clinics
  • All in-patients receive treatment by team of Resident Doctors and Nurses, available round the clock, under the supervision and guidance of Faculty Members of Ranjit Hospital.
  • Hospital Attendants are available in different wards to help in patient care and related activities
  • All the wards are fully equipped with modern gadgets & equipments e.g. ventilators, monitors, defibrillators, nebulisers; central O2 & suction supply etc. to provide top quality medical care.
  • Indoor services have central air conditioning, hot and cold water, toilets, portable X-ray machines, ECG services, Generator back up, emergency lights, internal telephone, Chairs for attendants etc.
  • Waste disposal is done as per the established rules and utmost care is taken to keep the premises neat and clean.
  • Every inpatient is provided with two attendants.
  • Visitors are allowed only during notified visiting hours.
  • Bed linen is changed at the time of admission, thereafter on every alternate day and also whenever required.
  • Food is served three times a day. Also, Tea is provided in the morning.
  • Facilities provided in private ward - Each room has - attached toilets & bath room, T.V. with cable connection, Refrigerator, A.C., sofas, bed for attendant, chairs and table, geyser, emergency light, phone with incoming facility etc.
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